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arm of Year to Be Recognized at Festival

Principals of Cedar Rose Vineyards Stephen Becker, Dustin Tarpine, Robert Becker, Dominic Romano and missing from photo Sam Pipitone.


Since 1991, as part of the Deerfield Township Harvest Festival, the Township Committee and Recreation Committee have recognized a local farm of the year.  With the 39th celebration coming up on Oct 5– 8, in Rosenhayn, the township announces the selection of Cedar Rose Vineyards as farm of the year.

They join a long list of local farmers who have been honored over the years. The owners of the farm and their families will be recognized at the festival’s main stage on Oct. 8, at 12:45 PM.

Cedar Rose Vineyards was founded in 2011 as a 1.75 acre vineyard established by 3 Rosenhayn natives, Dustin Tarpine, Steven Becker and Robert Becker. Using the re- sources they had, ample help from friends and family, and some creative thinking, they were able to transform an overgrown piece of land into a small vineyard.

Lacking funds to purchase trellis poles, red cedar was used instead, chosen for its natural resistance to decay. The name Cedar Rose comes from the use of these cedar poles in the first vineyard combined with the “rose” from Rosenhayn.

Without a tractor to plow the cleared field, they had to reach out to local entrepreneur, Sam Pipitone, who is well-known for farming many of the large fields around the area. He was kind enough to lend a hand and a tractor to plow the field.

After successful vineyard establishment and a solid season of healthy plant growth, they started to plan their next move. In 2012, the three once again approached Sam Pipitone, but this time it was with a business plan to expand the vineyard they had started and eventually begin to produce wine. Sam looked over the proposal and decided to talk to his friend and fellow entrepreneur, Dominic Romano, and the group sat down to discuss the plan. After negotiations, the group became partners and formally founded the company, Cedar Rose Vineyards, with the goal of producing top-quality wines.

In 2013, twenty more acres of vineyard were planted, made up of 14 different varieties of wine grapes. These grapes will be blended into wines ranging from dry to sweet, white to red, and everything in between.

Construction of the winery and tasting room began in 2015, but was unfortunately halted at points and is just now nearing completion. They plan to be open by the end of October. The tasting room includes an outdoor porch and seating area along with upstairs and downstairs bars, offering views of both the vineyards and the winery. Standing in the tasting room, you’ll be able to see the whole process unfold, from vineyard to glass!